Lessons Learnt In 2016: Thoughts & Reflections

Wow, I can not believe we have less than 48 hours into the new year. 2016 you have been so good to me, this has been my best year in all my adult life, and I think I owe it to God and pushing myself so hard. Although this year has been tough for a lot of people and has been the worst economic year in my country (Nigeria), I never for once let the economic situation in my country bother me, instead I saw it as a motivation to push further and work harder. This has probably been my most hardworking, focused year and I saw tremendous results.

Of course I also encountered some negative situation and people, but I never allowed it to outweigh all the positive things happening to me and around me. Through out 2016, I had moments of Joy, self-discovery, spirituality , forgiveness, rejections(but this only motivated me).

Today, I wanted to share with you some reflections and lessons I’ve learned in 2016. I also encourage you to reflect on your year and think about what you’ve learned, accomplished, let go of, and embraced. Here’s to 2016 and a brighter 2017!

  • Focus: One of the most important lesson I leant this year was focusing on myself. Focusing on my own dreams, value, goals etc. It was all about me and my dreams this year, I was not looking at impressing any one at all. I did not compare myself to my mates. This attribute helped me achieve  more . So friend in 2017, rather than worrying about what other people (family, friends, partners, strangers) are doing, focus instead on what you’re doing. What are you doing to get you closer to your goals, to improve your health, to create more joy in your life?
  • It Is Okay To Have Enemies/Haters: 2016 has taught me that it is okay for people to be jealous of  you, gossip about you and try to drag your name in the mud. It is okay to have enemies/haters, because they are a sign of progress. It means you are doing something right. Enemies/Haters are closeted fans who feel threatened by how far you have come. I now know that it is not everyone that will like me or like what I do and it is perfectly okay. As long as they are not directly affecting my life, I really do not care. So dear friend quit the thinking that everyone ought you be your friend and like what you do.
  • Bye Fifi: The year 2016, I learnt to use the word “bye fifi” to anyone that walked out of my life. I learnt that people will come in and walk out of your life at will, and you have to learn to be at peace with that. If someone comes into your life and wants to leave at all cost, please don’t fight it, just them go and tell them “Bye Fifi” on their way out.
  • Always Listen To Your Guts: This year I learnt to listen to my intuition and guts, If you listen to your guts, you will always find the answers to the difficult questions you are always asking. Life became more easier for me when I learnt to listen to my intuitions
  • Networking/Collaboration Is Key: I have always known the importance of networking and collaborating with others , but I really didn’t put into practice. At the beginning of this year, I made it a conscious effort to  network with people in my field and also collaborate. This really helped my businesses and all my projects and I also met some amazing people I now call friend.
  • Do Not Give Up: I know the term “don’t give up” sounds cliché, but it is the truth, for every no and every form of rejection I got this year, I went back to my drawing board to see what I did wrong, worked twice as hard and tried again. Giving up was not an option for me this year, and I am so grateful that everything I worked so hard for paid off.
  • Invest In Yourself/Your Brand: This has been another valuable lesson I learnt this year, that you can not progress, unless you invest in yourself and in your brand. I had to take short courses and some classes to know more about blogging, I read more books, paid for workshops, attended events that helped me become better etc. Investing in myself and my brand made me better person/business woman.
  • Do Not Be Afraid To Put Yourself Out there: I have also learnt that if you want something you have to go out and get it, It isn’t everything that will come straight to your door step, sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone and put yourself out there.
  • Happiness Is Key: Well this is not a new lesson for me, but this year I put in more conscious effort to be happy and surround myself with positivity.
  • Social Media Is Your Friend: Do not get me wrong, social media can also destroy an individual, that is why you have to be careful of what you put of there, but if you own a business that needs alot of social media promotion, then you have to make social media your friend and remember to post things that will always add value to people and promote positivity. I must say social media has help me a lot this year and has connected me to so many amazing people across the world.
  • Success Is The Best Revenge: Last but not the least, I have learnt this year that success is the best revenge. There is nothing more sweeter and amazing than been successful at what people said could not be done. So dear friend in 2017, start that project that everyone has said cant be done, take that next step, allow yourself to dream big. Take on that tough job, do that which has been said can not be done, and show them who is boss.

What are some of the lessons you have learnt this year, share some of them with me in the comment section.



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