Letter From Adohr: Why I Took A Break

Hey friends, welcome back to my blog and trust me when i say i have good reasons for my disappearance. It has been quite an interesting 2018 and i am so grateful for all the good, bad and ugly that i have seen so far this year.

I decided to take a blog post break in August for several reasons:

  • OVERWHELMED & DRAINED : August was not my favourite month this year as a lot of unpleasant things happened, also i was faced with loads of work and responsibilities, i was not sleeping well, i was not eating well and i had a lot on my plate and to be honest i could not care about writing. My creative juice dried all the way up and i was fighting everyday constantly to revive it again, when i saw that i could not revive it, i decided to just give myself a break.
  • INTERNET ISSUES: I tried to get back sometime in September but Ntel was not on my side, i took it as a sign that i was not ready to get back. In September i decided to focus on posting frequently on social media and growing my engagement.
  • I GOT TIRED OF THE SAME TOPICS : So i recently discovered that i get so bored easily and that i am difficult to impress (i do not know if this a great thing or bad thing) , but it seemed like everywhere i turned and every blog post i read had almost the same topic and message, everyone was doing the same thing, everyones aesthetics looked the same and i just got so bored. Anyways i am back now with juicer posts and sizzling lifestyle gists
  • NEW WEBSITE LOOK: I have been procrastinating my website change for the longest time, i currently do not like the look of my website but it won’t stop me from writing, i am excited to be back and also happy to share that the site will have a new look soon.
  • SCHEDULE : MY schedule in the last 2 months also played a big role in the neglect of my posts, i really did not have the time of energy after a long day to create a blog post, but then i remember that prior to this break i never had the time also,but i always made time for my posts and thats why ladies and gents, expect at least 3 posts in a week from me from now on + loads and loads of giveaways.

I hope you all forgive me and welcome me back into your hearts and homes, i am back now and my creative juice is overflowing. Thank you for being patient with me, I love you all.



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