Life Update: African Khaleesi


Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. Happy hump day. It has been a while since I posted a life update or a more about me post here on the blog.

This month of July has been crazy busy for me, I am working on loads of projects and they are all time consuming, I really can not wait to share all the goodies and projects with you guys. I have also been planning and working towards my NGO (Global Hope Integrated Empowerment Foundation) mission outreach, I am so excited about this outreach and I and team can not wait to have fun with loads of children on the 30th of this month. Currently, my country Nigeria is going through the worst humanitarian crisis ever, women and children dying everyday in the Northeast. Since my NGO (Non-Profit) is focused on women and children, we are so involved and now working and partnering with several organizations to ensure that this crisis comes to an end. If you want to make a donation or volunteer please visit

Meanwhile I am also helping out my friends with their wedding planning, you see this month is crazy busy for me and this is just the beginning, it is about to get crazier, but I am excited. Literally,80% of my friends all are getting married later this year. I could not be more excited for them.

I am also working out everyday,eating healthy and loving it. I am currently day dreaming and uber excited about my workout tomorrow with one of my dear friend Dr Fauz, we are going to kill it.  Oh and you guys i am now known as the black African Khaleesi with kinky hair, since i switched up my hairstyle, i have been called all sorts of names, from khaleesi to storm from X-men, but i will take Khaleesi anyday.

What’s up with you friends, share with me


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