Life Update: Back like I Never Left + What I Have Been Eating

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. OMG i have missed you guys so much i am literally tearing up, and i want to say a very big thank you to you guys for reaching out to me and showing concerns when you could not open the blog site.  My site was down for a while to correct come technical and back end issues, but we are back and better. So what has been happening with you guys, what have i missed ?. If you follow me on social media, i am very sure you are up to date with my life, but if you don’t follow me then i will be sharing my life update here. So lets get to it.

Well i have been up to working on so many projects,i have had events almost every weekend. I was a speaker at the just concluded all white bloggers brunch event (details coming up soon) and it was a huge success, i cannot wait to collaborate with so many amazing bloggers and youtubers i met at the event. I also just hosted one of the most anticipated SistersNetwork event (Power Brunch) and it was a huge success. I have also been involved in loads of GHIEF work (my Non Profit) and it has been amazing. Since the last time i posted on the blog, i have attended about 3 Art exhibitions and it seems like 2017 has been the year of Art in Nigeria.   Another amazing update is, i have gone back to eating super super healthy and working out at least for an hour in a day, as I got on the scale recently and i was not to happy about my current weight. So right now i am determined to lose so much weight. I am currently eating loads of green salad (for lunch), green smoothie for breakfast, oat meal smoothie, chicken wraps and snacking a lot on baked coconut chips (my current favourite snack) and loads of dates.

I have also been listening to loads of Sade music lately. I have reviewed loads of brands since i have been away, and i can’t wait to share all my thoughts and opinion with you guys.

I have missed you guys so much and i am so glad to be back.



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  1. Good to have you back

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