Life Update: Coffee, SistersNetwork, LeRouge & More

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. July has been so amazing and has also gone by super fast, i mean how are we at the end of July already. This month has been a work month for me, i mean i have over stressed myself that yesterday i was literally sleep walking. So today being the last day in July i am taking a major break. I am going to watch some tv shows, sleep and eat all day.

So what have i been really doing you ask…?

First of all i have been swimming in Lerouge outfits throughout this month and i have been loving my lerouge experience. I also started drinking a lot of coffee this month and i think i need to stop before i get addicted to it. SistersNetwork (my company) just concluded yet another powerful event yesterday and i can’t wait to start preparing for the next one. I will be sharing all about the #Breathe event in the next post and also talking about the importance of being part of network of inspiring people. My non profit is also working on 2 major drives which i think everyone should be part of, and i have also been involved in the lives of all my mentees this month. So much has been going on and i am just overall excited, but ask said earlier i am taking a big break today.

What have you all been up to, comment below.



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  1. Onyeka Okoli says:

    Happy New Month, Rhoda. I wish you a splendid August. July was hectic with work for me. Looking forward to my leave in August So that I can take my rest. Please join us in our coffee journey, coffee has some good health benefits and it is liquid joy juice *winks*

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