Life Update: My Entire January In Summary

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, can you believe it is the last day in January, i mean please can 2018 not run and fly so fast,my heart literally can not take it. January has been a really good month and i am so thankful. I achieved quite a lot this month and i hope to achieve even more in February. So heres an update on my entire life in January


I went out a lot this month and made some new friends, my event #INFLUEST , brought me in contact with loads of new bloggers and creatives, i attended a lot of store openings and launches this month also. I also tried to be social on my social media and engage a lot of people, i gained some new followers and made a lot of online friends. In the social aspect, January was a good month 


I fell ill twice this month, infact i am currently just recovering from probably my worst illness in the whole of my adulthood yet. I was so sick i couldnt even move, but i am getting better now and i am so grateful. Health is indeed wealth. I also cut down on a lot of my bad eating habit and i feel a lot lighter and more energised.  I have decided to not overthink about my weight anymore, but to instead embrace my body, eat healthy and take good care of it.


I have been working a lot on my skin this month, and i am going to be having my first ever chemical peel tomorrow, i am uber excited. I have been using a lot of good quality products on my skin and i have been seeing loads of results. If you follow me on social media, you will that i am obsessed with skincare and all products from DermaRx signature.


Its just a month in January, but i feel like i have done the work of 6 months, its been a great work month and i have learnt so much. I am excited for all the work about to happen this 2018. A lot of projects in the works and i will be announcing them soon. This February is all about sistersnetwork , my clothing line and GHIEF.


I have been reading a lot in January, and i am currently reading my 4th book this month already. I have learnt so much on how to listen, how to not give a fu*k about anyone’s negative opinion, how to say NO and how to just be a great leader.  I have also been saving a lot, and i love it. Its been a good personal growth month.

Tell me about your month of January and win a little price from me



4 Replies to “Life Update: My Entire January In Summary”

  1. My January has been filled with achieving some major goals that will define my year. I started my blog, started my masters, connected with a mentor and did the photo shoot for my fashion line’s first collection. My blog is
    Thank God for your health and thank God you’re better now.
    Cheers to achieving more in February.

    1. oh that is great, well done and congrats on your blog. xoxo

  2. Onyeka Okoli says:

    Well my January was ok. I’m grateful for life. I fell ill and had my longest hospital admission in 4 years but the most important thing is that I’m alive and breathing. My sister got engaged so I’m so excited. I may not have read as much as I wanted or done personal projects like I would have but I’m doubling up my drive in February to cover up lost grounds in January.

  3. Onyeka Okoli says:

    I’m also excited and happy you are starting your clothing line. I know it would be awesome and good and I can’t wait to see it. And yes, January really went so quick.

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