Life Update: Pancakes, Art & More

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. My life has just been so chilled and easy lately, don’t get me wrong i still have a whole lot on my plate but i have found ways to multitask better. A new week is here and i can’t even wait for it to be over already, because i have a lot to do. I am also looking forward to my company’s event “SISTERS NETWORK POWER BRUNCH” holding in July. I also have other amazing things to look forward to.

However my last week was interesting, as i got myself back to the gym,listened to loads of soul music, burned candles, checked out some new brands, attended an art exhibition and embarked on a field trip to some GHIEF communities. One of the brand i visited and will do a full review on soon is Waffle Stop. Waffle stop is a waffle and pancake company in Abuja. I had the most sinful pancake yet. The owner of this cafe calls it the “triple chocolate combo” with every bite i took i went to heaven. I also visit the almost finished Laguru Spa & Salon, this place is about to be the best health club in Abuja, as you will be able to workout, get a massage, make your hair and also get fresh and healthy meals from the Laguru Juice bar. I will be gifting one of my readers/followers to a full day of pampering at the Laguru Spa/Salon before its official lunch (this is a giveaway).

I also attended the Ozidu Art Exhibition this week, if you follow me on social media, i am sure you must have seen all the beautiful artwork displayed by various artists in Nigeria. It was a beautiful event. I met so many amazing artist, photographers, creative entrepreneurs. I also met some people my non profit will be working with soon. I am so excited for the future of my non profit.

June has been an amazing month so far, and i am grateful for everything. The next six months will be more amazing. Oh guys before i forget i have been craving loads of mexican food lately, so i am going to be rolling out loads of mexican dishes in July. Watch out for my snaps or IG stories.

What have you been up to lately, how has life been for you. Tell me in the comment section.




4 Replies to “Life Update: Pancakes, Art & More”

  1. ojima atawodi says:

    Life has been so amazing!!stressful in a way but I guess I can call it happy stress!!looking forward to a more fulfilling 2nd half of 2017!

    1. Yes Ojima, life is amazing

  2. Onyeka Okoli says:

    Life has been good, so far, so good. Looking forward to a new month with new possibilites

    1. Happy New Month darling

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