Life Update: What Has Really Been Happening

Hey guys welcome back to my blog. Its been so hard trying to keep up with my life, a lot has been going on but good things in general. I am so excited for life and for all the amazing things happening. I am living more intentionally now and paying close attention to my mental health. So what have i really been up to:

PERSONALLY: My personal life is great, i am having the best time, making mistakes and learning very fast from my mistakes. I am taking good care of myself and taking more risks. The month of June is my intentional selfceare month, so i am not allowing anything to affect me in anyway this month. I am saying “NO” more often and putting myself and my health first.

WORK/PROJECTS: I literally have tons of work to do everyday, but thank God for my wonderful assistants and interns, they make everything easy for me and i am so grateful for them. I am currently preparing for 3 campaigns for my agency and for brands we work with, i am also preparing for the very first sisters network conference of 2019. We also have a major GHIEF project i am also looking forward to and currently preparing for the first sisters network conference. So yea my plate is really full, but i asked for this life and i am forever grateful. No complaints, just gratitude

HEALTH: I have fallen ill about 6 times this year and this is not normal for me, but thank God for cannabis oil i have been taken, it speeds ups my recovery process and also helps me with work stress. WORK STRESS is the worst. I also want to go on a major detox soon, maybe that will be my July challenge, because i want to lose a little bit of weight around my stomach. But overall i am great in the health department.

SOCIALLY: My social life is almost basically my work life, but i love how small my circle is and how amazing we are. My social life is basically filled with loads of wine, good laughs, amazing friends and my bed. I mean my bed has become my best friend lately and i can compromise myself for any thing ever (except its bringing me a lot of money).

BEAUTY/SKINCARE: So i can count how many times i have worn makeup this year, i have become more of a skincare person and i love it. If at all i wear makeup, my routine is now pretty simple (foundation, brows, mascara and a red or nude lip). I about to go on a skincare shopping spree soon and restock on some new makeup products. Currently reviewing the the famous kylie skin and i must say i am loving it so far and let you guys know if its Adohrspeaks approved after 30 days.

So what has been going on with you guys, i’d like to know, share with me in the comment section.



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  1. We missed you Rhoda!! You look so gorgeous in these pictures. So glad to hear that you are doing great!! May GOD be your strength. And yeah, I totally understand the makeup thing. As I’ve grown older, I tend to do the bare minimum when it comes to makeup and focus more on skincare. Can’t wait for your Kylie skin review.

    1. Thank you so much my darling. Miss you guys a lot too. More amazing posts coming.

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