LifeUpdate + March Plans

Happy New Month friends, its been a long while but I’m back and here to update you on everything that has been going on with me in the last weeks It been an amazing January and February and i am totally now ready for March. So heres what has been going on in the last 3 weeks

Personal: I have taken more time to focus a lot on myself and loved ones, i started a gratitude journal (inspired by my friend Ufuoma), read my bible more and have finished 3 books in the bible. I am also currently on my 6th book and just recently concluded reading the most amazing yet “little black book” I also meditate more and live more intentional

Social: I had another influencer’s party organised by my blog and Chef Taylor themed: The New School Czars (#Nonconformist), and it was an amazing event (will have a separate post on that soon), it was an amazing evening of fine dining, drinking, eating and just having a good time. I have also seen 3 movies at the cinema and thats mind blowing because i usually see 1 movie in 3 months, i love the idea of just going to the cinema alone or with a friend, and seeing a good movie. I also saw Black Panther the day it premiered and i must say if you haven’t seen it yet, you are missing out on a lot. You should go see it ASAP. 

Work/Business/Projects: I have been so busy in the last 3 weeks and that has kept me away from you guys a lot. I am trying to finalize production on a lot of things, been away on field work and i have been doing a lot of brand consulting for several brands in and out of Abuja city.

HealthyLifestyle: I have been eating a lot go mangoes lately, eating healthy and sometimes unhealthy (its called balance lool) . I reduced my green tea intake because of the weather, but i am back to drinking my usual 5 cups a day as the cold season is almost here. I am also currently eating on a budget, and making my own meals. I have collaborated with another  blogger (Ummeeta : @ummeetaa_x) on this challenge and i can’t wait to show you guys everything I’m eating on a budget. Check out my next post

So for this new month, i am going to be doing a lot of humanitarian work, keep working on shop AKL, have the 3rd SistersNetwork event, announce my non-profit first 2018 project amongst other amazing things which may or may not include an Adohrspeaks Podcast

Finally i have just been trying to be better with everything i am doing and also ensuring that i add value to myself and to the world. I totally love how intentional i now live my life and i am so happy with the results i am seeing.

Welcome to a new month friends



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  1. One of the most hard working people I know! You inspire many of us, meanwhile I’m excited for March as a March born 🙂

    1. Aww thank you Lola, you inspire me so much too. Thank you for your kind words and support, and happy birthday in Advance March baby.

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