Me Time At The Body Booth & Spa

Happy new year friends, we are almost approaching the second week in January, how did your first week go and did you accomplish any goal (if you did, share with me in the comment section). This will be my second post in the new year, but I have made it  a resolution to have 2-3 post on here every week. It is  resolution I believe I am going to accomplish.

Just before the holiday, I paid a visit to the most amazing spa yet in Abuja city, I mean this spa/wellness center is a whole establishment dedicated to making you feel relaxed, zen and at peace. I wanted to have some time to myself before the holiday and its craziness, so I paid a visit to “The Body Booth Spa” I am not one to go to a new spa without being referred or something, but after my first visit to The Body Booth spa to book an appointment and check out the spa in general, I was convinced. The day of my appointment came, and I was the happiest girl in the world, at last some me time. I was welcomed by some of the staff I met at the lobby, and I was quickly introduced to my masseuse for the day.

I got a Swedish and deep tissue massage, after my massage i got into my robe and  I was asked to relax at the meditation room for a while and enjoy some tea, I read a book as I relaxed and even napped for a very short time. After my nap, i went up stairs to the juice bar, I had more tea and a little chit-chat with the owner of the spa.

It was time for my Manicure/Pedicure and I was quickly ushered into the nail bar. It was the most amazing Mani-pedi I had ever gotten. My pedicure included all sorts of mineral water,petals etc.  I also got some luxurious scrubbing and waxing. One thing I noticed at the body booth spa was the hospitality and niceness of all the staff, they were so friendly and nice to me. The kept asking me If I was okay and if I was comfortable. After almost 5 hours of pampering it was time for me to go home. I felt like a princess and at peace. My body felt so relaxed and without aches or pain.

The Body Booth & Spa is not just a spa, it is a wellness center. They have everything from massage rooms, facial rooms, salons for both men and women, a juice bar/ tea center, nail bar, meditation rooms etc.  They have state of the art facilities at the salons, so you can get your hair also pampered.

The Body Booth & Spa is definitely one of my favorite  spa in the entire city, and i can not wait to visit again. The Body Booth Spa is located at 46, Usuma Street, Off Gana Street, Maitama Abuja.

It’s no ordinary spa, it’s a holistic luxury and wellness experience.



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  1. Amazing place. Would love to go there.

    1. Yea you should visit this spa.

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