Meeting & Chit Chat With Toke Makinwa #OnBecoming

Hello lovelies welcome back to my blog. As you know I am a huge supporter of Toke Makinwa and super proud of everything she has accomplished. Toke literally walked up the ladder of success, she is one of the hardest working woman I know. Hate her or Love her, you can not deny that she definitely deserves all the success and buzz around her now. I just recently finished reading her first book #OnBecoming (Detailed review coming up soon) and I could not believe all I read. I think I cried for a bit but overall I felt very inspired and challenged to do so much more and be more. Toke Makinwa lost both her parents to a fire accident when she was just 8yrs old, but here she is in her early 30’s doing exceptionally well.

Some days ago Toke came to Abuja city to launch her book and for a brief book reading , the day she visited was a super busy day for me, but I was not going to miss meeting a woman I admire so much for anything. I and my dear friend Onyinye attended this event.  The event took place at Sandralia Hotel in Jabi. Event started at about 4pm and ended by 7pm. I was standing by the cocktail stand waiting to get my drink, when Toke Makinwa walked into the room, she looked so stunning I could not even believe my eyes. She is beautiful. She apologized for coming late and the book reading kicked off immediately. She was interview for some minutes and then it was time for questions from the audience. A lot of ladies and a man asked several questions, some commented on her beauty and others thanked her for being an inspiration.

After the book reading and all, it was time for book signing and taking pictures, I patiently waited for everyone to take  pictures and have their books signed, as I wanted to have enough time to chit chat with her. When it eventually got to my turn, I hugged her and posed for a picture. I then told her about how I got her book, told her about my businesses and SISTERS NETWORK (My hub for female entrepreneurs and professionals), she was uber excited. We chatted for some minutes, she signed my book and I made my way to get some  #OnBecoming T-shirts and Cap. Got home at some minutes past 9pm (was too tired to go for the after party), took off my lashes, washed my face, uploaded some picture to my Instagram and went to bed (I didn’t even have dinner )

Here are some pictures from the event. Enjoy and make sure you leave a comment.

Make sure you get and read #OnBecoming. It also makes for a great Christmas gift.



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  1. Aww..she really is beautiful. id love to read her book.

    1. You should darling. xoxo

  2. I just got the book from a friend. It is definitely mind blowing to meet someone that inspires you greatly. I would have been super excited. May God bless our hustle as well.

  3. Omg who doesn’t love Toke makinwa you just have to ,her personality is amazing I couldn’t believe everything in that book tears kept rolling down my eyes ,like it takes a super strong person to go through all that and still survive mahnn that’s some super hemab attitude from her parents to her education ,to her relationship things one can’t imagine. And yes on becoming is a perfect Christmas gift .plus your outfit to the event was Bomb fits your perfectly and perfect for the occasion. God bless you.

    1. I agree with you Omisore, Toke is an amazing woman. Thank you for your kind words. xoxo

  4. This is so awesome thanks 4 sharing am tokstarr huge fan

  5. Tamarasinla_xo says:

    Love her book (becoming)

  6. I’m neither a fan nor hater, I only know little about her, watched one of her youtube videos a while back and thought, cool chic. I heard/read about the issue with her husband though, and I actually know the other woman. I think they are both victims, of love, perhaps. The man is really the problem here but of course, we live in a patriarchal society where men are never to be blamed or shamed.

  7. Hi and compliments of the season. Sure you had a great time. Where can i get the book, am in Lagos, thanks

    1. Hello Constance, you can order it on Konga. Merry Christmas. xoxo

  8. Monica Apochi (@_moneeka_) says:

    Toke is such a wonderful woman. I admire her courage. She inspires me so much. That woman is so strong! No matter whatever people say about her she just keeps forging on and she stays focused. Awwww I absolutely love her

  9. I haven’t read the book and neither love her nor hate her but based on how she has blossomed in her career, I think she has a killer work ethic and find that admirable in a person.

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