My 2017 Skincare Favorites

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. I know, i know i have been away for weeks, i am sorry but needed time to sort out personal issues and also to get myself together. I love blogging and creating content for you guys, but when blogging feels like so much work, i always take a big step back to relax and not put too much pressure on myself. I am back now, and i will be putting out 5 more posts including this one in 2017. Today’s post is focused on my skincare favourites in 2017.

I tried and used a lot of skincare products in 2017, but nothing and i repeat nothing can beat these ones i am about to list below. They are my all time favourites and i highly recommend them.

  • Kush Organics Butter: I can’t stress how much i love this product, i mean the fact that its made from shea butter but feels super luxurious on the skin is everything. I love the fact that i can use it as a night cream and as a day cream too. I use it at night to lock in moisture and in the day to moisturise my body. I don’t use it on my face as i have a face cream. I also use the butter on my hair as a conditioner and a hair cream. Kush Organics is probably one of the best thing to happen to my skin this year. My stretch marks are gone, my skin feels super silky and smooth.
  • Kush Organics Body Polish: This is another all time favourite in 2017 and a must have for everyone , this body polish will leave you feeling very luxurious and pampered. I have been using the polish for months now and i am seeing amazing results.
  • Cocoterranaturals Turmeric Soap: This soap is everything, i love the fact that it is made with 100% natural products and literally takes off all dirts and leaves the skin feeling nice and silky. i love it so much and i highly recommend this brand.
  • Cocoterranatural Shea Oil: This is another amazing product for the cocoterranatural family. The shea oil is a must have in every home and can be used on all skin types. I highly recommend this
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil: I literally added tea tree to almost every thing this year, tea tree essential oil really helped me when i was breaking out and got my acne all cleared out. I usually add a drop of tea tree in a half cup of water and then use a cotton wool to dab all over my face.
  • First Aid Beauty Body Polish: I love this product because it has activated charcoal in it, and can be used as a facial mask or a facial scrub, it can also be used all over the body which is great. I have noticed a big result in my skin since i started using the first aid brand
  • AM Glow Facial Moisturiser: I am currently obsessed with AM glow facial moisturiser because it serves and an acne treatment, a moisturiser, a brightening cream and a sunscreen, i mean it has an spf of 35, which is amazing. If you are looking for a great moisturise then you need to get yourself the AM glow moisturer.
  • Benefit Sunscreen: One of my new year resolution for this year was to use sunscreen always, big thanks to benefit sunscreen for making me stay through  to my goals, this sunscreen helped me a lot and i am going into 2018 with a fresh face and no sunburn.
  • Acne Out: This is another product i tried out this year and fell so in love with, i mean it really took my acne out. Although it is a little “pricey” but it is also very worth it, so if have an acne prone skin, i highly recommend the acne out facial soap and lotion.
  • Garnier Micellar Cleasing Water: This is my everything , this cleansing water has helped my facial skin breathe a lot, my skin was going through the worst earlier this year, and i decided to stay off make up for a while, and only use the cleansing water on my face every night and every morning.
  • Bioblend Baobab oil: Although the fragrance of this oil can be very overpowering, i am adding to my 2017 favourite because it helped me a lot with my nails and its growth, i noticed how strong my nails got when i started applying the baobab oil every night before going to bed.
  • First Aid Beauty Lip Balm: This is a must have for everyone, this lip balm keeps my lips moisturise and very smooth without over it being too greasy or over shiny. i highly recommend this product.
  • Victoria Secret Coconut Oil:  I have used all kind of coconut oil, but nothing compares to the victoria secret coconut oil. I am almost out of mine, so please if you are coming from america, please bring some for me. This product serves both as a body moisturiser and also a makeup removal.

These are some of my all time 2017 favourites. Share yours with me.



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