My 5 Escape Secrets/Tips

Welcome back to Adohrspeaks friends, thank you so much for all your love and support, i truly appreciate everyone of you. This year so far has been so incredible and i am so appreciative. However it has also been a year of non stop work. I couldn’t take it any more and i decided to go on a big break. ( I am still on break, but i miss you guys so much). I decided to take this break to rest my body, soul and mind and also to go back to the drawing board and evaluate how far i have come since January.

My staycation at the Dome could not have come at a more perfect time (full review coming soon), as i was able to get the best mini vacation and escape from all the hustle and bustle of life. I themed my staycation #escape , because thats what i literally did and I’m still doing. It is so important to escape once in a while. Here are my 5 escape tips & secrets. 

  1. Go On A Staycation: I highly recommend a staycation if you need to shut down the noise and take a break from all the hustle and bustle. A staycation is like a mini vacation you take in your own city. It can be staying at a nice boutique hotel, a nice ranch or even a rural community with some basic amenities (and just enjoy nature, natural light, good food and water)
  2. Take A Long Drive/Solo Road Trip : When ever you feel so tired and overwhelmed and you know your mental health is at stake, take a day off and embark on a long journey to the unknown. Fuel your car my friend and drive as far as you want, take a free way and drive for hours. (ensure you have lots of water and some of your favourite snacks with you when driving). You can pause to stretch, write, think or read a book. I promise you dear friend, you will come back very refreshed.
  3. Read A Book: There’s no better way than escaping into the unknown than reading a good book. Take a break from work and go some place quiet with your favourite book and some snacks and read for as long as you want.
  4. A Solo Day Out: Another way i escape( and i strongly advise this) is embarking on a solo day out. This is a pamper and treat day for you. You can start by going to a nice cafe to have breakfast all by yourself, going to a spa for facials or mani-pedi, taking yourself out to a nice restaurant for lunch and maybe going to a nice karaoke bar in the evening all by yourself.
  5. WorkOut/Yoga/Mediate: One of my favourite way of escaping and shutting the noise out is meditating. Mediation has really changed my life and i am so thankful. I try to meditate every morning, but some days are always busier than others (so i forget). However meditating and practicing yoga for about an hour in a day makes me sane. I highly recommend this tip.

What are some of your escape practices, share with me in the comment section below



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