My 7Hours Trip To Japan : すし 寿司 鮨 (Sushi, Ramen, Rice Wine & More)

Hello friends, welcome back to AdohrSpeaks. It has been an interesting month so far and i have literally gained about 20 pounds reviewing and travelling to several countries with food. One of my latest food journey is my recent all out experience with the Japanese culture and food. I am so grateful to Transcorp Hilton Abuja and the Japanese Embassy for bringing me on board this experience.

I have heard a lot about the Japanese culture and watch a lot of documentaries about Japan, but this June i got to experience a little bit of the amazing culture of Japan. Transcorp Hilton brought Japan to Nigeria by introducing  the Afro Sushi restaurant (the first authentic sushi restaurant in Abuja city). The Oriental restaurant in Transcorp Hilton was transformed to a 5 star Japanese restaurant, decoration and table setting top notched and for a brief moment one can forget he/she is in Nigeria. I am so blessed and feel honoured to have experience this event & launch of the Afro sushi restaurant that took place for 2 weeks ( 13th and 20th of June 2018)

I was so excited to meet and connect with so many people and have a great Japanese experience. To kick off the week one experience, i and some colleagues met with the transcorp  PR team and  Japanese rep who welcomed us into the restaurant and led us to our table.We were served water & red wine as the Japanese rep engaged us in cultural conversations. He told us a little bit about the Japanese culture and taught us our to use chopstick (of course i struggled for a bit, but i think i am a semi pro now). We were served the Miso soup for our first course ( and that was my first time eating Tofu), i really liked the soup and it was a great way to start.After the miso soup a ship (literally) a wooden ship like plate was brought to our table with all varieties and forms of sushi including African inspired sushi. We served ourselves from the ship like plate. I loved every single piece of sushi i had, and i also loved the meaning and story behind each of the them. Minutes after the sushi we were served the main course Ramen noodles and this to me was the highlight of the day. I had the chicken Ramen, while others had the fish & beef ramen. I asked the Japanese Rep the difference between Ramen and Pho (As they look quite similar), he response was ” there’s a big difference in the preparation and Pho is a Vietnam recipe & food”. I had the best first hand experience at the Afro such opening.I was invited again to another Sushi experience and this time i met with the Japanese ambassador to Nigeria and we had good long chat about Japan & Nigeria (culture, food etc). I asked him if he has tried some Nigeria food and he said “Not all Nigerian food, but so far i love the Suya”, we laughed, took pictures and i went ahead to eat more Sushi and more wine. I attended the second event with Michael and Onyinye and we definitely has a good time.

Japan is now on my bucket list of countries to visit and i can not wait for this dream to come true. Once again i am very grateful to the Japanese Embassy and Transcorp Hilton for the experience.

The Oriental restaurant/Afro-Sushi is now officially open and you can now get the real authentic Japanese experience right here in Abuja city, Nigeria.

Have you ever been to Japan or had sushi before, kindly share your experience(s) below.



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  1. Onyeka Okoli says:

    This post brings back amazing memories I have of college Tofu. I think Japan should be on everyone’ s bucket list. Great post

    1. I think so too, Japan is am amazing country and i can not wait to visit. xoxo

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