My Amazing Restaurant Experience: Five-Sixty by Wolfgang Puck

Hello friends welcome back to my blog. I’m throwing it back to some Thursdays ago when I had an amazing Asian food experience. If you know me well, then you know I love good food and trying out great restaurant .



There are few restaurants that everyone should eat and dine when in America. Five-Sixty by Wolfgang Puck (Located at the top of the reunion tower)  is just one of them. I had an amazing food experience when I visited this spectacular restaurant. This is  probably the most beautiful Asian restaurant out there.  As soon as I and my friend (Foluke) walked into the building, (after leaving the car with the valet), we took some stairs down to the check in podium where the very nice attendant showed us the elevator to the top. After a quick ride up, we got into the restaurant, were greeted by name and escorted to our table. We were served drinks first and some fabulous hordorves courtesy of the chef. I sipped my drink while I listened to the soft and romantic music being played as I made my order.
I have never eaten and dined from such height before,(okay apart from the airplane)  I mean I have never eaten in such spectacular place. We were 560 feet in the air and the view from such height was spectacular and to make it more magical, the restaurant revolves every hour, offering 360-degree views of the city. The service was top notch, very polished and professional.  Servers were attentive without being omnipresent, extremely knowledgeable and comfortably friendly. Food was outstanding, delicious and served in an impressive fashion. I had soufflé for dessert and I must say it is the best dessert yet. It was the perfect way to end my eating spree.











This restaurant is the most elegant and Sophisticated place that I have been to so far. Going up to the top of Reunion Tower is an experience in and of itself, but dining at Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck is a meal not to be missed whether on the ground or 560 feet up in the air.I highly recommend this place for special occasions, or if you’re really loaded (Food is a bit pricey but worth every cent).

Shout out and Thank you to my friend Foluke for introducing me to this beautiful place. I had a great time. This restaurant I will definitely be visiting again.





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