My Current Saturday Morning Routine

Hello friends, welcome to my blog. It has been an amazing week so far (I am still on my detox diet), and I so excited it is the weekend. The weekend for creative entrepreneurs literally means more work. For bloggers it means attending several weekend event, networking, blogging, filming a youtube video etc. Lately I have developed a weekend routine especially a Saturday routine and it works fine for me.

5:30AM: Wake up, say a word of prayer, brush my teeth and wash my face

6:00AM: Make a cup of lemon water or green tea

6:15AM: Start my meditation (Meditation can last for 30minutes)

6:45AM: Go back to bed to check all social pages and mails

7:30AM: Plan my entire day, (if i am going to the market later in the day, i make a list and a budget)

8:00AM: Start doing my chores and listen to music

9:00AM: Make breakfast for everyone at home and go to my room.

9:45AM: Clean room, watch some YouTube videos and read through some blogs

11:00AM: Take a scrub (My Saturdays are for exfoliating and body scrubbing, I don’t even play with my bath time, because i consider it a mini me time)

Note: This has been my routine for 3 weeks straight now, when I resume my workout it will probably change.

What is your current Saturday morning routine, share in the comment section below.



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