Hey guys the weekend it here. Did you know you can feel like a million bucks by Monday? So refreshed, and renewed.  I am going to show you how, with some easy breezy steps. Honest to God I always feel so refreshed, lighter, brighter and full of energy every Monday morning “I’ve never felt better in my life.  Detox is the new black. The major good news is that you can detox during the weekend for cheap.

Detox for me isn’t just about the name or the trend it has become a lifestyle where I abstain from certain foods and focus on my body. We often times forget that without this body we won’t be here. Your body is the carrier of your soul and spirit, you have to start treating it right, if you can spend millions on cars, phones etc. you should also spend  quality time and money on your body and health. We are always so busy during the week, paying no attention to our bodies, we work tirelessly 8am-5pm every day, eating junks, inhaling so much toxins etc.

The weekend should be different. A weekend is a perfect time to do a detox, assuming you don’t have any important deadlines or appointments. It’s best to do your two-day detox at a time when you can rest and relax, and when you don’t have to be at your productive best. I’m gonna share with you how I get rid of all toxin during the weekend.

For me every Thursday is shopping Thursday, as I go to the market to get lots of fruits and vegetables. So always go to the market to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables a day to your detox cleanse.

During the detox, you want to make sure not to add to the liver’s burden by giving it even more toxins to deal with, hence the use of very clean foods such as broths, raw or steamed vegetables, and nutrient-rich juices

If going on this weekend detox package refrain from extraneous exercise. You aren’t going to be consuming a lot of calories during a  cleanse, therefore it’s important to use the calories you have wisely and carefully. Don’t take a chance at making yourself sick or dizzy at the gym.

During the detox weekend abstain from, processed food, red meat and too much carbs.

Basically as soon as I wake up on Saturday morning I chug down 4 glasses of detox water

For breakfast:  I eat some fresh tomatoes about 6-8.

1hour later: I have 2 glasses of detox water with some cucumbers and dips

Lunch: One bowl of steamed vegetables or a bowl of beans with a glass of smoothie

Dinner: One bowl of water melon

Before I go to bed I have my detox juice (master cleanse)

Make sure to stop eating around 6 p.m. Make sure you get enough sleep when on this program and drink 12 glasses of detox water each day.



Some of these detox diet are so easy to make and the ingredients are quite affordable

Detox water


A jug of water




Slice one cucumber and about 3 lemons put into an empty jug add water and throw in mint leaves. It will yield about 4 cups; you can repeat the recipe throughout the weekend. Ensure you eliminate any form of soda, coffee, fruit juice

Kale, Pineapple and Ginger Detox Drink (Juicer required) (I drink this smoothie on the second day of the detox cleanse)

This purifying beverage contains kale to cleanse the kidneys; pineapple, to aid digestion; and ginger to help stimulate bile flow in your gall bladder.


1/2 cup pineapple

2 large cucumbers

1 bunch kale without stems (4 cups chopped)

1/2 lemon, squeezed

1/4 inch of ginger

1 bunch of mint (1/2 cup)


Fruit Smoothie

In a blender, whip up a nourishing smoothie that contains mangoes, bananas, cucumber and some beet root, you can also be creative with your smoothie, mix fruits up and blend.


Detox Lemon Juice

 Lemon juice

 Hot water

Cayenne pepper

Lemon juice is high in Vitamin C, which helps the liver create an amino acid chain that helps drive toxins away. Cayenne helps stimulate the body’s self-cleaning process and breaks up mucus that is clogging the body.  Add some hot water to your concoction and drink it like a tea.

Healthy Snacks: Carrots, cucumbers, celery sticks, apples.


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