My Favorite Foundations

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Hey friends welcome back to my blog, I must confess I am in love with foundations and I have put together a list of foundations I am loving at the moment.

  • Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation: This is currently my fav of all favs, I love it so much,i literally use it every single day. It is also super affordable as it is less than $10. The coverage is very lightweight and it feels a little greasy which I like, because some foundations are so dry it makes your skin look cakey – but not this one. You will look dewy! It is easy to work with, and has a very natural finish. It also has a nice sheen and a great texture. Did you know that this is one of Kim Kardashian’s favorite foundation, lol okay now you know.
  • Makeup Forever Foundation: I love this foundation so much because it is also so lightweight and perfect for my skin tone. This foundation can be a bit polarizing. Because of its texture you would think that it has no coverage, but it’s actually packed full of pigment! I recommend this option for those that don’t like the feel of foundation.
  • Black Opal: Black opal is a great foundation especially  for people with brown or dark skin, it is amazing , I am currenty using the shade “walnut” as  a contour stick, but for a full face foundation, I will probably use a lighter shade.
  • Fashion Fair: This is a great foundation, it is super matte, and it never leaves me oily, I have an oily skin and this foundation is just perfect. It also comes in different shades, with this foundation I do not need a primer.
  • Mac Foundation: This is one of my favorite foundation, but because  I have a very oily skin, I try not to use it in the summer. I live in Nigeria, it is literally summer all year, but there are days it gets super cold, those are the days for MAC foundation.I love this foundation because it gives me full coverage.
  • LA Girl Concealer: Did you know you can use your LA Girl Pro Concealer as a foundation, I use it sometimes and it great.
  • Paese Expert Matte Foundation: This is also one of my all time fav, If I want something full coverage that will lasts all day or night, this is my pick.I got it at a store in Dubai, and I do not know if I will ever see it again, so I am trying so hard not to finish it. It is super matte as the name implies.  This foundation has a flawless satin finish with no lines or cakey effects.

What are some of your favourite foundations?




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