My First Chemical Peel + Thoughts & Review

“I woke up the next day to the biggest shock of my life, i saw my face in the mirror and i screamed, the peel had started working”-Adohr

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, this time last month, my skin was going through a very difficult phase, i was reacting to some products and breaking out so much, i wanted to try out some new products but i decided to reach out to an aesthetician (CEO of DemarRx) and she suggested i go through a medical peel. I have never had a peel before so i was both nervous and excited.

The chemical peel was in 2 phases, and the first session was about 15 mins. Only 3 ingredients were used during the session. My skin was prepped with some products, the chemical peel was added and a mini facial. I can not really remember all the details of the process but my face literally felt like it was on fire (proof that the peel had started working).My aesthetician gave me products to use (Acne out) and told me to eliminate every single facial skincare i had been using. I woke up the next day to the biggest shock of my life, i saw my face in the mirror and i screamed, the peel had started working. I had no idea that my face was going to peel so much and yes with a peeling face i had to attend all my meetings that morning and to also go to work. I had to explain what i was going through with every single person i met. My skin peeled for about 2 weeks and i had the second procedure, it was not as crazy as the first but i saw a big difference in my skin after the 2 chemical peel. 

I saw so much difference i started telling everyone i cared about going through skin issues to get a chemical peel, it is one of the best decision i made for myself and a procedure i will also undergo at least 3 times in a year.

One of the major effect from going through a peel is skin dehydration and skin sensitivity to the sun, your skin becomes super dry that you need to hydrate almost every hour, you skin also becomes super sensitive that you need to wear sunscreen everyday. Also you can not put on makeup for a period of weeks. I have not worn makeup since i got the  peel (apart from the makeup i got for my birthday shoot) and it feels totally refreshing.

Every one needs to get a chemical peel, it is effective and the best thing you can do for your skin. DermaRx is the best skin clinic in the city and the aesthetician is the best skin doctor. Check out their website .

Here are some of the main reasons why you should get a chemical peel.

IMPROVEMENT IN SKIN TONE AND TEXTURE: This is one of the most common reasons as to why people get chemical peels in the first place. Dealing with an uneven skin tone or texture is tedious and requires more intensive products and procedures in order to be treated properly. A chemical peel can help remove dead skin and fade any scarring or spots. Over time, you’ll be left with brighter, smoother skin.

YOUR OTHER PRODUCTS WILL WORK BETTER: Because chemical peels have the ability to really open up the pores, they encourage our other skincare products to work better. Your serums, oils, spot treatments and more will be able to penetrate well beneath the surface of the skin. This way the ingredients in your other products can work more effectively and you’ll see results faster.

CLEARS BREAKOUTS: If you suffer from acne and frequent breakouts then it may be time to try a peel. Certain ingredients in peels, such as salicylic acid, work to unclog pores and target blackheads or spots on the surface. Because the acne-fighting ingredients access the skin on a deeper level, they can help prevent future breakouts from occurring.

Have you ever had a chemical peel, or are you thinking of having one, please leave a comment below



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  1. I’ve heard alot about peels and I’ve seen lots of positive reviews, i think i want to try it… it might just be what i need to get over my blackheads

    1. Yes you should try it, everyone needs to try it at least twice in a year . xoxo

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