my food ,my body,my sleep

this is just me saying what it is…….i av bin strugglin wit ma weight since……..i cant remember, and it is just so frustrating atimes, because i just dont know what to do anymore. at first i thought i was food as in too much food then later i thought i was too much sleep, but rite now i dnt really care any more i just want to control my body…..i saw a man one day, this man is the fattest man alive to me…..cos of his weight he cant walk,and i was so scared for am in control of ma health today…..less sleep more vegetables even though i hate them but av got no choice,apart from the fact that i dnt want to be overweight…..i also want to be very healthy, so if your out dere and also strugglin wit ur weight ur not d only one,just start small and be true to your self…… lots of vegetables,sleep well but not much….i tell people that when you sleep immediaetly after food…u will wake up like a ball…you can do this, all it takes is just that one step…..goodluck

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  1. U, u dint even tell me u had a blog now. Thot sm1 had stolen ur name n used it 2 start a blog. Jst kiddin. Nice tho. But I’m still angry u dint tell me. So I’m nt speakin 2 u 4 one day. Hey is this d kind of comment one makes on a blog? I dnt kno, it seems too personal n unserious. I dnt care jor *shrugs*. Keep dis up dear.

    1. swity am sorry now……i was just tryin it out and it worked…..pls talk to me nw

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