My New Favorite Place: Metro Cafe & Grill

A restaurant, bar, cafe and an automobile service station all in one establishment, thank you Metro Cafe & Grill for bringing something new, fresh and different to Abuja city. Food makes the world go round and right now Metro cafe & grill is making Abuja city go round, i was literally in awe the first time i paid a visit to this food establishment that i kept coming back almost everyday for 2weeks straight.  I mean you can start your day and end it at Metro. You can have breakfast at the cafe (burger and a drink or better still a cup of coffee), have lunch at the main restaurant and hang out with your friends at the bar in the evening.

The cafe is totally cafe perfection,with a newspaper stand, a coffee and tea station, and also fee wifi/ printing/ scamming station for customers.


I have been going to the cafe section most times to work, read, send mails or just hold short meetings. The main restaurant is also  everything, i mean from the minimal painting, artwork, table setting, plates and cutlery arrangement to the fact that i can view the kitchen from my seat (which i absolutely love by the way) makes metro cafe & grill one of my favorite place to visit in Abuja.

Someone asked me what my favorite metro cafe& grill dish is and i must say they make the best shrimp dish in the world, i love all their shrimp dishes, fish dishes and house fried rice, and when it comes down to drink i am a mojito girl.

Metro Café & grill has a large variety of dishes, from noodles, to seafood, pasta (which you can build yourself), wraps, salads and so much more. I love the vibe and energy that the restaurant gives, when you step into metro cafe & grill you instantly feel at home.

The bar is also a perfect place to hang out with friends, cool off at night, have a drink and dance to some cool house or trendy music. As a customer you can also decide to have your meal anywhere (either at the bar section or in the main restaurant itself).

I mentioned earlier that Metro cafe & grill has a station for car service, (if this isn’t the best thing, i do not know what is). You can service your car and have a drink as you wait, or better still have a full meal at the main restaurant. The restaurant  also has a sit down section outside, where a customer can also wait for his/her car to be serviced.  I love that the management of this food establishment thought of this idea, i know a lot of people are always so hungry, tired and frustrated when they take their cars for servicing/repair, now not only will you get the best service for your car, you can relax in a conducive environment, have a meeting, or have some good straight from the kitchen. Now tell me what is there not to love. From customer service to ambience, hospitality, and professionalism, i will say metro cafe & grill is going to become or has become one of Abujja best spot and restaurant . I can not wait to see more of this amazing things metro has to offer.

Looking for where to have your next meeting, event, hangout with friends or to service your luxury car, then look no further. Visit MetroCafe&grill at 43 Libreville Street, Off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2 Abuja or  follow them on Instagram





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