My New Obsession : Perfume Oil

I love perfumes, scents, candles, fragrances and anything that smells so damn good.  I was introduced to perfume oils two years ago, but I never commited to it. Fast forward to late last year, I started craving for perfume oil and oil based products (I guess it was because of the harmattan season), as my body mist and normal perfumes made my skin super dry and ashy. I searched the entire Abuja city for perfume oil, they were either too pricey or I hated the scents. I later  gave up my search and went back to my normal body sprays and perfumes. Not until one day I was on Instagram and I came across Pamela Arcadia account. She has all designer perfumes from Tom ford to Chanel etc in oil form. I also read all the reviews on her page and decided to give her perfume oil a try. I ordered for Tom Ford (Black Orchid) and Oud Ispahan,  and in 2 days Pamela herself came to deliever  my oils. When I opened my package I saw 2 free samples (Giogio Armani and Body Shop). I literally jumped for joy.

These perfume oils are the best I have ever used. They are even better then my regular perfumes, they last for days on my skin and my clothes, and a little goes a very long way. They make for an amazing valentine gift or birthday gift.  They are also super affordable and packet friendly. I strongly recommend this brand.  Follow @ pamela_arcadia on IG and order yours.



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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Its refreshing to know of its affordability considering the inflation.

    Thumbs up Rhoda!

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