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Hey guys welcome back to my blog. So whats your typical Sunday like? My Sundays are for reading magazines, pampering my skin, replying mails and unboxing. I currently came across this brand Abela recently, and they sent me the most amazing products. When i hear people call their brand “luxury” i always do a double take to be sure that  the brand actually has the luxury qualities, because personally, i feel like the word luxury has been abused. Well not in the case of Abela, as this brand is probably the most luxurious home scent and candle brand i have come across lately, and the fact that it is all made in Nigeria is mind blowing. Everything from the scents to the packaging screams luxury.The “Abela” brand carries everything from candles, soy candles (my favourite by the way), diffusers, air freshers (which smells heavenly),pot pourri/burner oil  and all kind of home fragrance and scents you can think of. I am currently burning the soy candle in “fresh coffee” which literally smells like freshly brew coffee .  The candle i was sent is in the scent “ginger spice” and it makes my home smell like christmas morning (and i havent even started burning it yet) I love it so much already. I also love the perform room spray which smells like a very buttery vanilla fragrance, it smells so good, i am almost always tempted to spray it on my body.The Abela brand is the best thing i have come across and i highly recommend this brand. This brand is perfect for homes, offices, hotels and makes for a perfect gift. As we approach valentine’s day, i strongly advise that you get this brand for a luxury lover, and interior decoration, family or friends.

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  1. Do they have a website?

    1. Hello Lola, no they don’t have a website, but check them out on IG @abelaworld . xoxo

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