My Own New Year


Happy New Year to me, aka Happy birthday to me. So I turned 26 yesterday (Super excited for this new age), They say “Life begins at 26, the last 25 year have just been a practice”.

For this years birthday I  decided not to throw a party or do anything party related, firstly because I did not have the energy to plan and secondly because I wanted a more me day. All I wanted for my day was to sleep, eat and reply birthday messages. I got lovely birthday cards from my family and gifts from my parents (Love them so much).

Later in the day I got a call from my friend Christiana (Owner of a French café in Abuja) asking me to come down to her café. I got there and I was blown away, she had organized a little brunch me only, I felt on top of the world, so spoiled and so loved. The pastries and food were out of this world and the ambience of her café OMG made me love her more. After brunch I got another call from my best friend  Ojone and she asked me to name any where I wanted to go to for dinner, I was already stuffed from the brunch so i opted for drinks instead. We met up and went to get drinks and still got food.  We drank, danced and had so much fun.

img_8511I was so overwhelmed by all the love yesterday, it was a perfect day.

I am super excited for all the new roles, responsibilities, challenges and blessings that this new year is about to bring. I have got 12 years to do right, add more value and make more difference.  I am also excited to be embarking on this 12 months journey with you guys. I love you!

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4 Replies to “My Own New Year”

  1. Happy birthday again Rhoda! I hope that this year brings a lot more goodness and happiness than the last. Enjoy 26.

    1. Thank you so much Ufuoma….xoxo

  2. The picture brought me here, its really lovely! I get wanting “me time” sometimes – it’s a great way to recharge. Last year, on my birthday I took a solo trip to Paris and had the most amazing time. Happy birthday Rhoda, wishing you the very best 26 has to offer

    1. Awww thank you so much Chogwu, you are so sweet and yea Paris is always a good idea. xoxo

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