My Personal Bad Habits

As everyone does, and will always have, I have a little list of bad habits. Some bad habits are good for my well being and keeps me sane and I am trying so hard to improve on others. So here are my personal bad habits:

  • I am very indecisive: Ask all my friends and my sister, they will tell you how much they hate going out with me to shop. I always want my decision to be perfect, I always want everything to be perfect. I am currently working on this bad habit of mine, and I think I am getting better.
  • Not saving contacts: This bad habit of mine I must admit has gotten me into trouble, I don’t understand how I don’t just save contacts, even when the contact is important, I blame my good memory and brain for this habit. However I have started improving on this habit and I have started saving all my contacts. So if I always ask you for you number, please don’t be mad at me, blame my bad (now former) habit.
  • Not replying messages: We are all guilty of this, and please don’t get me wrong I always reply important messages, but when I get a not so impotent message it can take me weeks to even open the message and another week to reply. So if you want to reach me and get an immediate response I will advise you give me a call.
  • Staying up late: This bad habit has currently messed up my sleeping pattern, I  have however started working on my sleeping pattern, and I make sure I go to bed 10pm/11pm.
  • Forgetting names of people I meet: This is not a good habit at all, I meet too many people everyday, and trying to remember every name can be tasking.
  • Drinking Tea: I am a confirmed Tea addict, I can spend my last money on a cup of tea, I don’t think this is a bad habit, well maybe it is because I get tea drunk sometimes, but on the positive side if it, I am super healthy thanks to all the healthy goodness and benefits that comes from drinking tea
  • All work and no play: This is another bad habit I have, when I work I work, I mean I work like there is no tomorrow, I don’t take breaks to have fun or play, I guess this is a good bad habit, because it helps me stay focused.
  • Saying “Yasssssssss“: Lol okay, I need to stop saying yasssssssss, I always say this when I am excited but a lot of my friends have been complaining that I say it a lot. Rhoda you need to stop saying yasssssss
  • Using my phone & laptop in bed : I need to stop using my phone and laptop in bed, this is still all part of my workaholic nature, I sometimes even sleep off with my laptop on my lap, I know better not to do this, that’s why lately when I want to sleep I ensure I put away all my phones, and laptop, turn off all lights before going to bed.
  • Attending meetings: I think I have become a victim of nonsense, time wasting meetings. Whenever I promise myself not to attend a particular meeting, I find myself there in the next hour, and start regretting after. Lately I have stopped attending meetings to the barest minimum, we can skype, mail or FaceTime. If it is not important, I am not coming.

What are some of your bad habits? Comment below




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