My Prim and Proper Experience + Interview


It is no secret that one my obsession in life is pampering and taking care of myself. I had the most amazing experience this past weekend at prim and proper Halal Salon and Spa (A place where traditional meets modern)

Prim and proper is not your typical everyday kind of spa and salon , firstly it is an all ladies spa and salon but has provision for male home services, so best believe that you can be yourself and feel free and confident when at the spa or salon parlor. It is a modern spa with start of the art facilities but with a traditional twist. I love it. I had the full body traditional treatment (Dilke,Kurkum,Dhukaan), facials, full body deep tissue massage and the plain Jane manicure this weekend and it was heavenly, I was so nervous at first getting scrubbed from head to toe ( traditional body treatment) but the masseurs were so professional and nice,I felt at home and at peace that all my shyness flew out the window, I was scrubbed from my head to toe with all kind of traditional and organic body products and remedies , my body was steamed also.It was a 2 hour process of scrubbing and body streaming. After the body treatment I had an amazing facials, the best I have ever had. I was just in the best hands.  The full deep  tissue was so good and relaxing, there was a mixture of traditional and modern products used. Everything was organic and natural. Most of the ingredients used for the traditional treatments included (shea butter, honey, coconut oil,turmeric and other African beautifying products).

Traditional/ organic body treatment is very important for our skin especially  for brides-to-be as that is one of their best sellers in the spa, they prepare brides and pamper and polish their skins for weeks/months using traditional/modern products.

Prim and proper has a lot to of offer and there is something for everyone, with price ranging from ₦800-₦150,000 and the bridal package ranging from ₦40,000-₦250,000. They also have the bridal shower package with prices ranging from ₦60,000-₦120,000.

They also offer more services such as hair consultation, food consolation

The spa is offering a 20% discount to all brides-to-be for the body polish and treatmet,as I said earlier this is a most try for everyone(Bride-to-be or not) Go and pamper yourself.

For me this spa is a game changer, this is my new home





My interview with the boss lady and owner of Prim and Proper spa & salon Hadiza Alkali Mamu

I met up with the owner of the spa because I was to fascinated by the place, I wanted to know the person behind this amazing place, hear and share her story. So I scheduled a meeting to have an interview session with her.


Meet Hadiza Alkali Mamu. She is from Yobe state. She is a graduate of human resource management. She is now a full-time entrepreneur.  She founded Prim and Proper spa in 2014. Her love for total body care didn’t start 2014 but years ago, she has been obsessed with pampering, b0dy and skin care.

During my interview with her, I asked the following questions

  • Why include traditional and other and African products in your body treatments?
  • Is body pampering a thing of necessity

She replied by saying “ Most products we use In our day to day routine are non-organic and they have chemicals in them ,it is very hard to have body treatments that are organic and have no negative effect on your skin. So having a traditional option is like finding a balance. She added also that it is good to take care of your body, skin and hair. She added that body pampering is a thing of necessity and that every woman should learn to take care of herself”.

  • I also asked her how often a woman should visit the spa/salon

“She said very often, because our skin needs to get rid of dead cells, and dirt  and our hair needs water to nourish, so as often as possible”.

  • I asked why is the traditional body treatment important especially for brides-to-be

She replied ” Every bride should take time to pamper herself, treat her skin and prepare for her wedding day, every single bride should glow and look so radiant and beautiful on her day, going through this process will ensure that happens.

  • I also asked what her own morning routine involves and she replied

“I am almost always in a rush in the morning, so I don’t do anything in particular other than shower and I only use body butter. However I do have night routine. I shower every night so every night I put on a face mask for 20-3 minutes, usually sometimes I make using natural remedies. Sometimes its honey and turmeric face mask, sometimes Moroccan mud and rosemary face mask or honey and lemon. After washing it off I moisturize my face with jojoba and tea tree oil that helps break outs and zits”

  • I asked her what the most important life lesson she has learnt so far

She said “I have learnt to study people, it helps a lot with knowing how to deal with different customers, it helps when hiring staff and generally how to handle situations”

  • Lastly I asked her to give advice to upcoming entrepreneurs

She said “I will advise them nit to give up. There are many hurdles that come up but give it a year or two and things will work out insha allah”

Please visit Prim and Proper Spa/Halal Salon:

Suite 411 (The Capital Hub,Bannex/Gwarinpa Express,along Next Cash and Carry)

Telephone number: 08181822773.

Email: .

Facebook: prim&proper salon and spa.

Instagram: Primandpropersalonandspa

I hope you pamper yourself and loved ones this season,Prim and Proper is the place to visit. Loads of goodies awaits you.

Happy New Month Lovelies



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  1. Where’s her spa located? Also what kind of local treatments do they offer? Are they like deva Petals? I see the packages but what kind of treatments, and what products do they offer.

  2. Her spa is located in Abuja,Nigeria.

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