My Tea Tree Obsession

If you know me well, then you will that i love anything skincare, and that i have also been paying so much attention to my skin. I have an acne prone skin, so i always ensure i eat the right food and use the right skin care products. I started using tea tree oil as an acne treatment and i saw tremendous results. Some weeks ago i came across a whole range of tea tree treatment and i decided to add them to my skincare collection.  I have dedicated weeks to this treatment and my face has never been better. I use the foaming wash first, proceed to the scrub and then add a little bit of the tea tree oil to warm water and rinse my face.  I mean i didn’t have one acne when i went through PMS this month. My skin feels hydrated and super healthy. I highly recommend this tea tree treatment.



2 Replies to “My Tea Tree Obsession”

  1. Onyeka Okoli says:

    Good review. I will check out the products. We love anything that can make our skin supple and hydrated.

  2. I also have acne prone skin. My skin is so sensitive so I don’t change my skincare regimen frequently. Honestly, I’ve been using the same skincare products for more than a year now. But I’ve been hearing you can’t go wrong with tea tree and if Rhoda recommends it, then I must try it!!

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