My Updated Morning Routine: French Cafe Music, Mask, Meditation, Granola & More

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, its been a crazy April so far but we are pushing. For the past 2 weeks, i have pretty much maintained the same morning routine, and it has helped me a lot to get a lot of things done. So here’s my updated morning routine.On the days i have a meeting or an appointment, i wake up by 4am to start my day. I love to start with glass of water which i always place by the side of my bed the night before. After that, i say a prayer, put on french morning coffee cafe music as i apply some mask to my face. I run to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and hurry down to the kitchen to make a cup of tea or cappuccino . I try to have breakfast every morning and on my busy day, i go for a smoothie, oatmeal or simple toast. In my smoothie or oatmeal bowl, i love to add my new found favourite granola (Abby’s homemade granola) to my breakfast, it keeps me fuller. I also take all my vitamins alongside my breakfast.  After breakfast i go have my bath  with my favourite Kush Organics black soap (still listening to french music), get back into my room to get dressed & ready.

Getting ready for me, is much more about skin care than it is about makeup. I think of makeup as this masking sort of impulse, whereas skin care…you wear your face every day, so taking care of your skin from the cellular level on out to your organs, treating it holistically makes more sense to me than piling on the makeup. That’s why I’m so into healthy eating, my vitamins and using  Kush organics products and other natural skincare products. For me skincare over makeup.  On my work day,l have a very simplified morning makeup situation: I start with my brow first, apply a tiny bit of foundation all over my face, add highlighter, apply my favorite lipgloss and I’m ready for the day. I write down my to-do-list in my note pad, put everything i need into my tote bag, call my assistant to send my day itinerary,  order an uber and I’m out of the house. This has been my updated morning routine and it works for me, on days I’m working from home, everything applies apart from ordering an uber.

What is your morning routine, share with me in the comment section below.



5 Replies to “My Updated Morning Routine: French Cafe Music, Mask, Meditation, Granola & More”

  1. Precious visan says:

    Thanks for sharing. I love your pictures btw

    1. Thank you Precious . xoxo

  2. Wake up, worship music in the background, prepare my to do list, pray, pack my stuff, bath, makeup, dress up ,breakfast and I’m off.

  3. You sure have an interesting and organised life

    I’m all over the place. Apart from the norms .. Shower & pray..

    Love your routine.. I’m also more of a skin care person than makeup.

    Enjoyed reading this

    1. Awww, thank you i try my best to be very organised, and yasss to skincare . xoxo

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