My Valentine’s Day Essentials

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, Valentine’s day is less than a week away and i know everyone is trying to get their love on. As for me, i may or may not have a valentine, but i have been getting pampered by different brands lately and i am so thankful for that. In the name of love,selfceare and pampering, here are some valentine’s day essentials i can’t live without and is a must have for valentine.

  • HudaBeauty Foundation: This is my current favourite foundation, and a little really goes along way, i will be wearing the foundation all day everyday and even on Val’s day
  • Sunglasses: I don’t care what you wear on valentine’s day, but do not leave the house without your sunnies .
  • Hoop Earrings : The bigger the hoops, the sexier you look, i do not know about you, but i am for sure wearing my hoops everywhere i go on valentine’s day.
  • Perfumes: Whats the essence of a love day if you’re not bathed in luxury perfumes and nice scents, I’m currently obsessed with mixing all my favourite perfumes that was sent to me by Occaza Perfumery. If you are last minute shopping for your loved ones, then you should check out Occaza Perfumery for luxury and designer perfumes.
  • Flowers: What is a valentine’s day without flowers, check out my number one flower shop on IG and order some for your loved ones. (

Do not be sad if you don’t have a valentine, there are so many amazing things to do as a single person on Valentine’s day, a new post on this topic will be out soon.



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