New Month + Why I Am Focusing On What Is Important

Happy New Month everyone & Happy Independence Day  Nigeria. I can not believe its October already, this year is literally over as i can already smell Christmas. I am excited about all projects and events coming up this month and in November.  This year has been amazing and i am grateful for all my blessings and for my purpose. By the way guys, picture above is the picture of the best cappuccino i have ever had in Abuja city. I had a meeting at this prestigious hotel (Fraser Suite) and i treated to a cup of cappuccino, if you know me, you know i am a tea addict, but this cappuccino has got my heart. I may be reviewing Fraser suite soon. Stay tuned.

Lately I have been saying these words “FOCUS ON WHAT IS IMPORTANT” and putting it all over my social media and i keep getting nods and DMs asking me if i am alright. I am perfectly fine guys, but i am more aware of what is important now, and why i should only focus on that. Do not get me wrong guys, what ever is important to you is perfectly fine, but just make sure that important thing is adding value to you and making you better.  I am focusing on whats important now because these are the things and people that adds value to me, makes me grow and be better (that’s pretty much my why) why should i waste my time focusing on what i don’t care for, or what isn’t adding value to me or what isn’t making me happy or fulfilled.

Dear friends, please don’t let the world distract you from focusing on what is important . You do not have to be everywhere all the time, you shouldn’t say yes to a project or commit to something you’re not interest in or don’t care for, you don’t have to be in that abusive relationship, that man/woman isn’t worth your energy etc. The world is going at a very fast pace, don’t get distracted, just go at your own pace and stay focused. So today search yourself and eliminate what is unimportant to you.



4 Replies to “New Month + Why I Am Focusing On What Is Important”

  1. Good Afternoon ,
    Read through your posts and you mentioned about some projects coming up soon. I am actually a Digital strategist ,content provider and also render media sevices

    i sincerely do not know if you would be needing any of these services as it would be a pleasure working with your brand.
    You can however contact me through

    1. Hello Seun, thank you so much for reaching out. I will be sending you an email very soon. xoxo

  2. happy new month Adohr

    1. Thank you Abby, love you. xoxo

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