Not Your Average Red Dress

I hardly wear red, i own only about 2-3 red outfits and to me thats a lot. I am not the biggest fan of red, maroon, wine etc, I love my nudes and some bright colours. However LeRouge keeps making a girl change her mind. I wore this Lerouge outfit the other day and of course had to take some pictures since i felt like a bride in her reception gown.  I got compliments and was told red/wine really looks good on me. This red gown will make any girl feel like a bride and a queen . I paired my outfit with a nice black heel and went for a nude look. This Lerouge piece is already very glam on its own,so you just need to wear a simple earring and a nude look. If you want to be extra though (i like extra….) you can pair the outfit with nude eyes, red lips, gold accessories and black heels.

This Lerouge outfit is perfect for prom,wedding reception dress, or to attend a glam event.



2 Replies to “Not Your Average Red Dress”

  1. Onyeka Okoli says:

    The dress is really cool. Red is always a good idea. It makes every lady stand out

  2. Yup! I’m in love!!! Red looks gorgeous on you!

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