Nude + Fringe Season

Announcement everyone, fringe is in season. I have never owned a fringe dress or any fringe related outfit before, but i finally got my hands on this nude fringe Lerouge top and couldnt be more excited. LeRouge is probably the only luxury brand that i have seen with a fringe obsession. I mean there is an atom of fringe in every outfit. I couldn’t have gone for any other colour aside from nude. If you have been following my blog you can tell that i am also obsessed with  nude (PS: it is also Nude season). This nude fringe dress is the perfect shade for my skin type and also flatters my body.

I attended a meeting at Nordic Hotel in this nude fringe outfit, and i couldn’t stop shaking and making the cha-cha-cha noise. I paired my top with a blue jean, brown suede heels, a fringe earring and a pair of brown sunnies. I felt like Beyonce for a minute.

LeRouge has all kind of fringe outfit including full fringe dress, tops, skirts and even cover ups. Follow them on Instagram @lerougebyamma or visit the LeRouge store at No. 1 Kampala Street, Off Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.



3 Replies to “Nude + Fringe Season”

  1. Onyeka Okoli says:

    Yaas girl!!! Fringe is always on trend. As far as im concerned, its a classic. This post has motivated me to check my closet for fringe items. You look good girl.

    1. Thank you girl . Yassss fringe is everything!!

  2. You look absolutely stunning!!! Love it!

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