Nude With Bobbi Brown

January has been a month of work work and more work.  Making up everyday became a chore, i could not even keep up anymore,but if you know me i love to look glam and chic every minute . I got my hands on some Bobbi brown makeup recently and i was given the glam nude glow and taught how to get this work nude look in less than 15 minutes. I have been wearing this look everyday to work now, and it take less time to apply. This look is perfect for work, business meetings, official events etc. This look can also be easily switched up by taking off the nude lipstick and applying another color of lipstick. You can go from day to night in less than 5 minutes.

I love that Bobbi Brown has a variety /shade for women of color . From foundation to powder Bobbi brown has it all. I am officially a Bobbi Brown girl.

If you are in Abuja Nigeria , and you want get some Bobbi Brown products, visit Jabi Lake Mall Abuja. If you are already a Bobbi Brown girl, share with me some of your favorite products.




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