Olifestyle Heaven

Believe me  friends when I say there is a little heaven in town, If you stay in Abuja, you need to pay a visit to Olifestyle beauty and wellness center. If you are a big fan of my blog, then you must have read a post I did on the CEO of Olifestyle, in the post she told me all about her fitness/beauty routine and also her dreams and goals for  Olifestyle http://www.adohrspeaks.com/meet-the-queen-of-beauty-fitness-wellness/. Fast forward to some months later and my dear friend and fellow boss babe now has her own wellness establishment.

Olifestyle is now a place I regard as a sanctuary, a place I go to when I want to be away from the world. Sometimes I go to Olifestyle center to meditate and recharge. Last Friday I decided to my give body, soul and mind a treat by getting the total package that Olifestyle offers and this include: Meditation, Yoga, Lavender dream beauty bath, Hair and makeup session.

I started with meditation (Which is my favorite thing to do at Olifestyle) and went on to some yoga. After the yoga session, I felt very relived of some back and joint aches. After the session, It was time for the beauty bath.

I was offered freshly prepared detox water as I waited for my bath to be prepared. The detox water was very satisfying and yummy.

This bath was the best bath I have ever gotten in my life (I am not kidding), I mean I was in lavender heaven. The bathroom had an amazing ambience;  incense, candles, mediation music and lets not even talk about the plants.

Accompanied with my lavender dream bath was a glass of wine, some cold grapes and book. Honestly it was a great experience, and I had the best time yet.

If you are in Abuja Nigeria, you have to visit the Olifestyle wellness and beauty center. Everyone needs to try out the Olifestyle beauty bath at least once in a lifetime. You can find more about Olifestyle on their IG page : @o.lifestyle or visit the center at No. 29 Umaru Dikko Street, off Mike Akhigbe Street, Jabi, Abuja Nigeria.



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