One Pot Pasta (Spagmatoes) & Poached Egg


Hey friends welcome back to my blog,just want to share this very quick easy breezy one post pasta recipe with you guys.

I asked a dear friend of mine to suggest a name for this recipe and he said Spagmatoes,lol I guess it is because it is loaded with loads of tomatoes and all its juiceness. Okay let’s get to the recipe:



-Brown Pasta/Wheat Pasta (Enough for 2)

-4 large tomatoes (Each sliced into 4)

-1 carrot (Diced)

-Spring Onions(Diced)

-Dill for garnish

-White Onions (Diced)

-White fish (Diced into chunks)

-5Star spices (Tumeric,Garlic,Salt,Black Pepper, Chicken stock) To taste

-Olive oil

-1 Egg

Method: Put water on the fire and bring to a boil,break pasta and put in boiling water,add a little salt and drops of olive oil. When it is semi-cooked,drain and rinse in cold water to stop cooking. Meanwhile cook carrot in a separate pot to soften. Return pasta back to pot and add a little water,add fish,add all the diced vegetables,including the carrots  and let it cook for 5mins,add all the spices to taste,add olive oil. Let it cook for another 3 mins. Bring down from the fire and serve,sprinkle more black pepper and dill,enjoy your meal with poached egg or eggs. (I like my egg hard-boiled)

To make egg: Put 2 cups of water in a pot,let it boil. Add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar,pinch of salt. Stir water and vinegar and create a hallow swirl,break egg(s) and drop in middle,let it cook for 3 mins,I like mine hard so I make it 5mins. Poached eggs can be eaten with anything. But tonight,enjoy it with your one pot pasta.

I hope you try this recipe.




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  1. Hey Rhoda

    This looks delicious! I’ll like to try but I’d have it with fried eggs! I’m that bush girl that doesn’t like egg yolk. Haha

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