Personal Truth + Guide To Finding Peace

Hey guys welcome back to my blog, some months ago i found myself battling insomnia and anxiety, always feeling overwhelmed and tired.  I am very grateful for life and for all the opportunities but it can be very overwhelming and a lot to handle. Everything just became a lot, social media, work , family etc. Balancing my life became a chore for me. That is why i decided some months ago i decided to become very intentional and deliberate with my choices and decisions. I had to let go of anything and anyone that brought toxicity to my space. I am deliberate about where i go now, what i do and the energy i invite into my space. Balancing my life has become easier because i am now more focused. Intentional living has helped me a lot. I feel living intentional and deliberately should be the way to live especially when juggle a lot and your are responsible for a lot of people and projects. On Finding Peace: Inner peace is the most beautiful thing anyone can ever experience, it is the kind of peace that you have within you and around you, I will take inner peace anyway and anytime over money or fame. As long as i have the basic things in life and i am so happy and content, that is all that matters. On days when i feel overwhelmed and tired, i allow my phone drain out and i don’t charge it till the next day, I go on long walks, surround myself with nature, stay very far away from any form of negativity , read a book or try out something new, lately i paid a visit to Usuman Dam with my friends and we had the best time. Spending 4 hours with just nature,good food and amazing friends gave me the greatest joy. I did not want to leave, i did not want the day to end, it was an amazing experience.

If you ever feel you need to start living your life with intention and deliberately, now is the time.



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