Reading Therapy

As much as i love to write and share my life with the world,i love to read too, i find reading therapeutic. Growing up, i hated reading (i mean in school i read to pass my exams, but hated reading in general), apart from reading my school notes, reading literature books or novels felt like a chore.  When i started my company and ventures fully in 2014, my life became hectic, i mean i was always in the go go go, i didn’t know how to relax or rest. We all know life can be exhausting, and it can take a toll on our health, sometimes we just need to take a break and relax. In the year 2015 i decided to make a change,  my new year resolution for that year was to embrace reading, fall in love with books and escape into another world. I started buying books, magazines, collecting literature, now i have a little library.

Since 2015 till date i can proudly say that my life has totally changed all thanks to books. Good books are therapy in itself, books helped me a lot with my anxiety, motivation and just my general well being.  I discovered that reading is good for ones  mental health. Now when  i read, i read to learn, relax, to escape from my own life and it pressures and to see life from the authors perspective. Reading a good book puts you in the hand of the author,and like a pilot of an airplane, you just sit back, relax and enjoy the journey .

A lot of people do not need medication for their stressful life, all they need is a book, a cup of tea and a quiet place. On my “me days” i either stay in my room, burn some candles and incense, draw a cup tea and read a book, or i go to one of my favorite place in the world  which is the Tulip Bistro “Tea Room” , order a cup of tea and read.

So dear friends, this weekend i encourage you to pick up a good book, make yourself a cup of tea (or visit the tea room), draw yourself a bath, light some candles and indulge, escape from reality for a moment.




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