Rock ‘n’ Roll Breakfast

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. It has been a really crazy week for me but I managed to pull through. I cannot believe we will be going into the month of February very soon, I mean I still have some of my Christmas decorations up. This year is already moving so fast. I hope we are all moving fast with it. Remember friends, time waits for no one. I recently had breakfast, meetings and got a little bit of work done in one of the most amazing café yet. I visited the Classic Rock café in Abuja city with a fellow blogger and friend, we discussed about our current projects and future collaborations, and had an amazing breakfast. After breakfast I replied some mails and also read a book.  It was an amazing way to start my day, and also end my work week.

This café is the perfect place for a rock n roll lover, lover of old school music and  rock vibes. I mean there are guitars and drums hanging from the ceiling, pictures of rock artists on the wall and rock n roll music being played 24/7  . I had such an amazing time, and i can not wait to go back.



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