Romance On A Budget

romance_featureLets face it, this current economic recession Is making everyone sad and unhappy, everyone seems to be so bitter and angry at everything. A friend of mine recently went on a rant on how her boyfriend has become so stingy and super prudent, he has not taken her on a date in the last 2 months or even gotten anything nice for her, I felt so bad for her and I know she isn’t the only one feeling this way. Yes this recession has gotten to everyone but let me tell you friend, you can still be romantic on a budget.  Here are some ways:

  • Pen Down How You Feel: Forget BBM or WhatsApp messages, sometimes lets do it the old fashioned way, get a pen and paper and write something nice about your partner, write down things that you really like and appreciate about your partner. Put this note some place where it will surprise him/her or send it to his/her office with a little box of chocolate.
  • Hit The Gym Together: Yes I know it is not your ideal romantic adventure, but trust me it is so much fun to work out with your partner, it doesn’t even have to be necessarily the gym, you can take a hike together or go on a long walk.
  • Skip Work Together: Make a spur of the moment decision to skip work together and spend the entire day together, eating, watching movies and cuddling.
  • Give A Massage: Turn your apartment into a mini spa for your partner, light some candles, put on some music, pick a bottle of scented oil and give your partner a long massage.
  • Go “Out” to Eat Together: Making reservations and going out for an expensive dinner is traditionally a popular way to show your partner that you care. Due to the expense, this gesture is usually reserved for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or birthdays. Try using the same concept of a fancy dinner out but at home and not necessarily on a special occasion. The reason people usually like romantic dinners is because of the ambiance and the beauty of the setting. With a little planning, a few candles, a decorative presentation and some soft music, you can bring the joy of fine dining into your home, especially if you leave the television off and spend the time talking with each other. Some people make a regular monthly or even weekly habit of these “date nights.” If cooking is not your best talent, order take-out and serve it on your best dishware (white dishware preferably)
  • Attend Events Together: By events I do not mean weddings, I mean take your partner on an art date, attend an open mic session or a book reading together.
  • Go On A Staycation: No money to travel, no worries. Check out affordable hotels in your city, book a room for a weekend and have the best time with your partner. Check out for affordable and nice hotels or check out my last post about my staycation at Nordic Hotel .
  • Plan A Picnic: Pack a hamper of  snacks and drinks  and head to your favorite park (there are so many parks in Abuja city) for a romantic picnic. You will be saving money on eating out while setting an intimate mood.

Why not try out these romantic ideas with your partner, an empty pocket or the recession should not get in the way of your love life.



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