Say No To Self-Shaming

laptop-1478822So many people are afraid of self-promotion or being recognized in a big way. Are you afraid of putting yourself out there, are you constantly self-shaming yourself. Dear friend you need to stop. Do you have a gift, talent, blog or something you need to share with the world. Then go ahead and share it. You need to stop self-shaming yourself and putting yourself down all the time.

The next time you are concerned about criticism from the public or from your peers, you need to remember:

No one absolutely cares about you, what you are doing, or what you have to say (even if they know you). They only notice you when you have made it. It is human nature, people are designed to be more concerned about themselves and what is going on in their lives versus the next person. You may not be the best now, but you need to keep working and pushing. You need to own your talent, your gift, your uniqueness and your purpose. OWN IT!!!

 The minute you start to let someone’s opinion change the way you’re doing things or prevent you from doing something you truly want to do, you’ve given them power over you, and you’ll never be able to enjoy who you are or do what you want to do. It’s time to convince yourself and be mindful that no one truly cares (and if they do…they might for that split second or 20 minutes, but they’ll move on as quickly as they noticed). You can stop flustering your insides about putting yourself out there. Be confident and just do it. SAY NO TO SELF-SHAMING. I BELIEVE IN YOU!



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