Self Care Practice & How I Prepare For A Crazy Week

Happy Monday friends, this particular post should have gone up yesterday, but after all my self care practice and pampering, i was too tired to do anything else. I woke up this morning feeling super refreshed and ready for this crazy good week, i call it crazy, because i am going to be having a lot of meetings, visiting several communities, travelling from one village to another, meeting deadlines and a major exam on Friday. Dear friends, as you can see my life is going to be one hell of a life this week, but i am ready.

Here’s my current self care practice and my crazy week preparations.

  • Skincare: Sundays are for skincare, and i have made it a resolution to take proper care of my skin, and so whenever i have a crazy week ahead, i double my routine. Yesterday i was rub my body with some KushOrganics body scrub/polish, i wore a mask for 20mins straight, applied some skin/facial products and just gave myself a mini facial/spa treatment. Some of my current skincare products includes KushOrganics skincare products, Acne out, Bioderma . 
  • Drink Water: One of my self care routine is to drink a lot of water and then on Sundays, i increase my intake and just flush out my entire system.
  • Plan & Organise: Whenever i have a crazy day ahead, i plan plan plan plan ahead, i also organise my space and arrange my closet.
  • Read: One of my self care routine is to read a book, i love reading and this year i plan to read at least 2 books in a month, so far I’m on my third book, i guess i can say i am doing so well in this field. Reading calms me and i love how inspired i always get after reading a book.
  • Take A Walk: Another self care practice of mine is to take a long lonely walk, take in nature and take some beautiful pictures.
  • Turn Off My Phone & Sleep: I take a phone break/detox time out whenever i have a crazy week ahead, i try not to check my phone too often or stress about my emails etc. I take a long nap/read my self to sleep
  • Drink Herbal Tea: Whenever i have a crazy week ahead, i take in a lot of herbal tea to also flush out all unwanted products in my system, this way i don’t feel sluggish or bloated through out the week.

These are my current self-care practices, what are some of yours. Share with me in the comment section.

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  1. Onyeka Okoli says:

    I enjoy writing to myself. It’s a self-care practice I enjoy. It helps me clear my head and strategies on how to handle any situation and since I started it, it has been working like magic.

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