Self-Love : The Best Kind Of Love


We are still in the love season, and I wanted to share some words of love and wisdom to you all my friends. Do you know the best kind of love is Self-Love, whether you are single, dating or married, the most important love is loving yourself, I know I already sound like a broken record, because I always say it the time, but it is true.

If you don’t love yourself, who will? If you aren’t your biggest fan and supporter, why would anyone else cheer you on? I love myself and I’m proud to say I’m my own #1 fan. If you felt bummed on Valentine’s Day because you don’t have anyone to love you, then you need to remind yourself how dope you really are.

Self-love is the best type of love because you’ll always be there for you. You don’t have to stress about you leaving you or breaking up with yourself. Sure it might sound selfish and arrogant to love yourself more than anyone else, but I think for me its been the key to happiness.

I think when the outside world can tell you truly love yourself, flaws and all, it is contagious and they will learn to love you too because you will radiate joy and positivity. Don’t beat yourself up, put yourself down, criticize yourself or think you aren’t good enough. Be kind to yourself, take care of your body, and maintain your health.

If you are single, tell yourself that you love you and you! If you are taken, you still need to take care of yourself and love you. A relationship is something complementary, not supplementary and I strongly believe that you need to fulfill whatever happiness you need in life on your own and that a partner is just an extra bonus of that.

  •  take time to reflect, journal your thoughts and meditate
  • give yourself a pep talk, I actually talk to myself all the time
  • get hobbies that better you as a person
  • work on personal development
  • own your potential and do something to fulfill it
  • be grateful, I take a moment every night to remind myself of the things I’m thankful for
  • forgive yourself
  • be honest with yourself
  • and focus on the positive
  • Shun Haters

 So buy yourself some flowers, candles,take  yourself to dinner and tell YOU that you love YOU.



Also remember I love you




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