Set Yourself Apart

Who are my? What do i do? Why should anyone care? What difference are my making? Why should anyone patronise me?  What makes me unique? What makes me stand out?

Dear friends, ask yourselves these questions, and answer them. These are the same questions i asked myself when i started my journey, i still ask myself some of these questions till date. The world’s population is over 7billions humans, 7 billion humans engaged in all kinds of activity, so what makes you different. Why should anyone even bother to listen to you out of the 7 billion.  I am not the only blogger in the world, the only entrepreneur or humanitarian, so why should anyone care about me, patronise me or listen to me. I will you tell you why;  i have set myself apart from others, i have found what works for me and i have made a decisions to be the Beyonce in my field. We are all unique in differents ways, but a lot of people are scared to embrace their uniqueness or what sets them apart, therefore they are okay with following the crowd or being average. They never get to truly explore their God’s given talent. 

People often ask me for advise on how to start either a blog, a business or a non-profit, and they expect me to tell them i did some magic, or that this journey has been super easy.  The very first question i ask is why are they interested in what they want to do and if they are willing to do the work. The willingness to do the work and stay true to who you are is what will set you apart from others in what ever field you are in.

Being different, being unique is amazing and you need to understand this truth. Don’t follow the crowd because you are scared of standing alone, scared of seeing yourself apart. All the big names you hear about now embraced their uniqueness and worked on themselves, it took time, blood, sweat, resources to be they are now. Once you have found what makes you different and what makes you unique, you need to do the following

  • Embrace your uniqueness in all totality
  • Be thankful
  • Be ready to be the best in your field/ craft etc
  • Read a lot and meet people who are in your field or who has same abilities.
  • Be ready to fail and try again
  • Take Risk
  • Don’t play it small or average
  • Find ways to stand out in your field
  • Do something that no one has ever done before
  • Create opportunities for yourself
  • Be ready to expand and take the next step when the time comes
  • Support and mentor others

These are the exact tips that i have been sticking to my journey, i am happy to be different and unique, i know what works for me and i am determined to stand out and be best of the best in my field. I hope you set yourself apart today, you are not like the rest of them darling.



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  1. Onyeka Okoli says:

    Awesome piece. Very motivational. Will be the Beyonce in my field.

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