Skincare and beauty has never been so much of a priority for me growing up, I could care less about my skin or makeup. I would go to bed without washing my face, even after a very long day, but now that I am older and wiser, all of that has changed. Skincare has become a big priority, I am more concerned now.  I am so invested in my skin, I eat healthy and try as much as possible to stay hydrated. I dare not go to bed without washing my face; as a naked face is the best thing to wear to sleep at night. Ladies as much as we love make up we should also invest in skin care products too. Taking care of the skin isn’t just for ladies; guys should learn how to take care of their skin too. Wash your face twice a day. You want to avoid stripping your skin of its protective oil so you want a cleanser that’s free of soaps or detergents.

My daily skin care routine is very simple. I wash my face every morning with a muslin cloth and a soap-free wash. I apply my Clinique dark spot corrector serum, moisturizer and sunscreen.

For my night routine, I start by taking off my make up with a makeup cleanser (I can’t sleep with make up on, I will wake up with multiple acne and all sort) then I wash my face with Clearasil face wash. I also use facial oil cleansing balm after washing my face, and then remove the balm from my face with a warm facial muslin cloth. Even after washing with the facial soap and the cleansing balm I still always use a toner; to be triple sure no dirt is lurking or hiding somewhere. I apply my Clinique dark spot corrector and my face is fresh, healthy and ready for bed. I exfoliate twice a week with my Neutrogena visibly even foaming cleanser.   (Exfoliate to loosen buildup and remove dirt and oil from your pore)

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Skincare Products I use

  • Purederm acne wash cleansing tissue
  • Clearasil facial wash
  • Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector
  • Neutrogena visibly even foaming cleanser
  • Neutrogena Alcohol -free toner
  • Seventh Heaven Nourishing Cleansing Balm

PS: I have an oily skin; these are the products that work for me and give me the results I want. You don’t have to use what use, just ensure you have a skincare routine.

Here are some important reasons to always remove your makeup before going to bed:

  • To prevent pimples and acnes
  • To prevent uneven skin tone
  • To prevent eye irritation
  • Your face needs to naturally exfoliate and it does this by shedding skin during sleep. By not washing your face before bed, it stops skin from removing dead skin cells

I hope you wash your face before bed tonight.



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