My 7Hours Trip To Japan : すし 寿司 鮨 (Sushi, Ramen, Rice Wine & More)

Hello friends, welcome back to AdohrSpeaks. It has been an interesting month so far and i have literally gained about 20 pounds reviewing and travelling to several countries with food. One of my latest food journey is my recent all out experience with the Japanese culture and food. I am so grateful to Transcorp Hilton […]

Vegetable Bulgur Wheat Stir-fry

Hey friends, welcome back to my blog. This healthy living/vegan life is amazing, I mean I had no idea what bulgur wheat was, and how good it tasted. I have literally eaten bulgur wheat everyday for dinner in every single style. My favorite way of making bulgur wheat is the stir-fry method. It is super […]

Vegan Banana Pancakes

Going on a vegan diet has been an amazing journey, I mean I have lost over 6 pounds since I started. I decided to go on a vegan diet with my dear friend and fellow foodie Lola, we both love food and we are both good cooks, so we decided to try out vegan meals […]

Grandma’s Puff-Puff Recipe

Puff-puff is a very popular Nigerian snack. It is the same thing as beignet in French. Growing up, my grandma made this for I and my sister each time we visited. As a child, I would often watch in amazement how my grandma would grab the puff mixture with the tip of her fingers place it in the palm of their […]