My Personal Bad Habits

As everyone does, and will always have, I have a little list of bad habits. Some bad habits are good for my well being and keeps me sane and I am trying so hard to improve on others. So here are my personal bad habits: I am very indecisive: Ask all my friends and my sister, they will tell you […]

No Negative Zone

Raise your hand if you know someone who’s ALWAYS negative!!! I feel like we ALL have or know that one person. You know that person that just can never see the positive even in themselves?  I have had my own fair share of negative individuals but not anymore. I don’t even allow any negative person remain 2 […]

When Life Tells You No

My book on my journey so far in life will be released sometime in 2017, I am so excited about the release of this book, because everyone gets to read and draw inspiration from my story and journey so far.  Part of the chapters in this book, will focus on all the times life has told me […]