Teacher Adohr

if someone told me 5years ago that i will end up teaching during ma service year…………i think LOL would have bin the perfect thing to do……but the truth is that this life is twisted,some time as we plan to do this and then we end up doing that. Friends am teaching o!!! and i love it as a matter of fact ,to make it more fun i am teaching g in my ex-secondary school so my juniors (JSS1&2) are now in senior class and the funny thing is that some of them even recognize me(this life is funny) they even walk up to me and say “were you not in this school before,or some of them say were you not our senior”,going back to my root is just the best way i can serve my country and i know i am going to enjoy it…………..but of course life is not a bed of roses sometimes things happen.Today was our staff meeting, all the teachers in the school met with the management today…….mehn i was tired.First of all it took so much time,lots of arguments,irrelevant suggestions but most of all some sense making.But i don’t think i am looking forward to another meeting o! i am just looking forward to meeting my students when they resume on Monday,i cant just wait to walk into the class and introduce my self as their new ……………teacher and instruct them to call me miss Rhoda (this is funny hahahaha).thank God am teaching there alongside my best friend…….so peeps am so looking forward to Monday, just wish me good luck and i wish you the same too i just hope there is no stupid strike……………….GOD HELP AND SAVE US ALL
Takia people and have a good weekend and just make sure that what ever you do u add value,make a change and most of all have fun doing it……xoxoxo

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