The Breezy Blue Jumpsuit

First time i saw this LeRouge jumpsuit, i was confused. I mean its a satin/chiffon jumpsuit. I thought i wasn’t going to look good in it or probably look like a confused clown, but I was wrong.

This jumpsuit is everything i want in an outfit for a very dress down chic look. At a glance you will think its a dress, but you will get the whole fit when you put on the jumpsuit. I love that it has a belt in front and also the ruffles by the side of the pants. I paired mine with heels to give me that extra glam look, simple accessories and of course a smile. Shop LeRouge . Follow on instagram @lerougebyamma



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  1. Onyeka Okoli says:

    Wow, this is a lovely jumpsuit. It is giving me life already. Love the details.

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