The Lessons I Learned In 2015


Life as we know comes with ups and downs and I certainly had my own share this year of struggles, but I overcame. 2015 is by far one of my best year yet, I accomplished a lot this year and I also grew in every way. Below are some of my lessons learned in 2015.

  1. Stop Making Excuses: This year I learned to stop making excuses,both for myself and for others. Instead I believe in myself better than ever and in my ability.
  2. Don’t rely on others: This is probably one of the biggest lesson of the year for me. Humans disappoint, this year I had to get used to hearing a lot of “NO”, people breaking promises etc. I learned how to take rejections and deal with disappointment, and always have a back up plan . Do not rely on others for fulfillment, or for your  happiness.
  3. Risk is necessary for growth: One of my mantra this year is “Guts over fear” The kind of risk I took this year made me shake and scared, but they paid off well. Many people are unwilling to take risks in their life out of being afraid and I am here to echo it loud and clear that if it doesn’t scare you, you are probably not doing anything worthwhile. All you need is to do is set your feet on the course that makes you uncomfortable, anxious, or timid. If you are constantly doing the same thing day in and day out. nothing is ever going to change. Take that risk friend,you never know. A lot of people call me names and try to make me scared because I have decided to be a full entrepreneur, but I can not be worried about that otherwise I will never grow.
  4. Patience is Key:  This year I learned that patience is everything. Do not be so quick to give up, you never know. Just keep doing what you are doing, stay focused, stay dedicated, be consistent and be patient.

These are my important lessons, wanna share yours. Write it down in the comment box.

Now let us go and prepare for the new year, do not wait for January 1st to write down resolutions. Start now.



2 Replies to “The Lessons I Learned In 2015”

  1. I think my biggest problem is patience; results motivate me. When whatever I’m doing, doesn’t produce instant results, I feel like it’s a waste.

    This year, I’ve definitely become better at being patient.

    Great post!

    1. Thank You Sharon.Patience is everything,just remain focused,consistent and dedicated. Everything will turn out fine.

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