The Morning After + Birthday Experience @ SVChrome

Hello friends, welcome back to my blog. As you already know i turned a year older yesterday, and i had the best time. I mean this is my birthday week, and have been getting pampered since Monday by friends and i can really get used to this. Yesterday i got the most amazing texts and messages from friends and family. I felt so loved. I spent my morning with GHIEF kids as it was GHIEFing Wednesday, and then spent the rest of the day drinking wine, nibbling on all sorts, meditating, writing, sleeping and just basically chilling. I spent literally my entire afternoon at Olifestyle Holistic. I was gonna go swimming with my friend Onyiye, but we canceled when the rain came down. A lot of my friends kept asking me what i wanted to do or where i wanted to go, but really all i wanted for yesterday was to be by myself and chill, just chill and meditate. However i have a line up of events,dinners,lunch etc to attend organised by my friends. I will be enjoying and chilling till the end of September.

One of the brands that gave me an amazing birthday experience is SV Chrome. SV Chrome is a Spanish/Nigerian luxury hotel, located in Abuja city. This Hotel on on my top 5 Hotels to visit in Nigeria, I had the best time here. This hotel is know for its luxury, artwork, decor, style, and hospitality. I mean the wood work in the rooms are to die for, and every room is noise proofed (winks).This hotel is every blogger’s dream hotel destination.  I loved my experience here and i highly recommend this hotel for your vacation,romantic getaway, weekend getaway,honey moon, business meetings/business stay etc.

SV chrome is located at NO. 101A Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi, Abuja. Check out their site

Silk Dress: AdohrKushLifestyle



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  1. First time reader,love your picture quality and cool write-up.#WebLog

    1. Thank you so much. xoxo

  2. Happy Birthday again Rhoda!!! Glad you enjoyed your day. Wishing you an amazing new year and many more to come. You are blessed

    1. Thank you so much Sayiee. xoxo

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